Thursday, November 18, 2010

Silver lining ~~~~

A zircon begs to shine more than a diamond, dupes, pretends..
but as the facets grow older.. any amateur knows the reality  :)

this diamondsum precious relationship is my treasure..
you are not just a lover..but someone more precious and lasting..
a true friend to laugh and cry with..
you are the silver lining in my cloud of life  :)

Monday, November 15, 2010 was real :)

wish d time machines from science fiction movies were real..
but it happens only in movies.. 'time' is strongest of all...
actually strange..
when we want it to stop it runs.. when we want it to run it stops..
how stupid! strong but stupid..
whatever i say nothing can change its pace..
last couple of months passed too quickly..
as if they were not months..they were seconds.. micro secs!
bcoz it was too good to believe..
i enjoyed all your attention.. all importance you gave me..
quick replies to my msgs.. taking all my calls..
meeting me frequently.. whnever i asked..
loving me.. talking to me.. looking into my eyes.. touching me..
sharing lunch with me..watching movie.. doing nothing.. everything!
you have touched my soul.. kissed it..
i can still feel your touches..
i can still see love-bytes you left..
your charm is eternal.. m lost in it..
m not sad... m happy it was real :)
it will remain with me..till my last breath!

Monday, November 1, 2010

My Favourite Day!

It has been a good-good day :) yea! it has to be...
afterall its my favourite day :D...
no matter what happens in life.. but God makes sure to give us one reason to smile :)
and i am feeling so lucky to realize it...
life is good.. you made it perfect for me da! :)
touch wood!! ;p

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

pinch me! :)

pinch me!
is it REAL?
always expect unexpected..true..true..true..
you are right.. whatever happens..its for good.. (mostly)
everything is just so perrrrfect..just perrrfect.. TOUCH WOOD! :)
its like a fairy tale..i am living my dream.. i am seeing it, still yet to believe it..
i respect and love you even more...and yes..i trust you :)
everything seems sooooo lovable..
m full of positivity...i can't stop smiling :) its coz of you..
i want to paint the town red..i want to fly...
" dil kerta hai..tu hai yahan to..jata lamha tham jaye..
waqt ka dariya bahte-bahte is manzer main jam jaye.."
God if you r listening i want to "thank" you for all this goodness..

Sunday, August 15, 2010

live it up..

ever wondered what makes us love someone?
sometimes we don't need reasons to love..we just want to love.. no matter matter how..
dis craving to love him is taking over me..all on my mind is him..
i think love is d most simple thing and at d same time most complicated..
if we try and tie it in our own defination..some point of time it goes wrong n makes us think all over again "what is it?" but now i think it doesnt need a defination..
let it flow d way it want..let it take turns..let it twist..let it be free..let it fly..if its don't have to fear.. it will remain yours..but if its not do won't be yours..
just love..that are lucky if you have that person with you this moment..
tomorrow is uncertain..this moment is real....dont let it it up..feel the goodness..

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Yesterday morning only i said that nothing makes me excited..m afraid.. but still one thing..
and thats YOU..
when i come to meet you i feel d rush..
nothing makes me as excited as meeting you..
and when i got a oppurtunity to meet in d evening itself..i not only missed that oppurtunity..buttt.. i majorly disappointed you by missing your call and kept you waiting..
oblivious of d fact that you have called me..and waiting for me to return d call..
and i kept thinking you were busy..dint get free..
now after knowing d reality that what an ass i am.. i dont know what to do wid myself..
i swear!! i am going beserk
i am just so annoyed wid myself..
i know its not easy to trust what has happened..
not easy to believe that i was actually unaware about your call :(
i wish i was not on fon that time.. i wish i would have checked d call register timely..
i wont repeat dis mistake..i swear!
trust me i really dint know..
i am SORRY and very angry wid myself..
i am all yours.. punish me.. please!
m feeling sick!
sick! coz of my own.. coz how i made you feel.. coz i disappointed you..

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Decades Ago..

Standing tall and firm..against all odds..this is what i love the most about heritage..
long-long time..good/bad weather conditions..government's negligence..our carelessness..
nothing could ruin its beauty.. its still there since ages.. as b'ful as always..
i think its, its stability what i like.. how many seasons it has seen.. how many changes it has seen..
how many generations it has witnessed closely.. but its as it is..
when i look at it..i feel as if it wants to tell me its stories.. wants to unfold many truths..

Monday, July 12, 2010

You just made me feel (again)...that m in love.. as if first time!
how do you do this?
its crazy..m restless.. wanna see you right now.. wanna pamper you like a baby..
its strange..
its beautiful..
its weired..
its incredible..
its just sumthing.. like butterflies in my tummy..
i don't know what to do..
you are impossible?
or i am impossible?
or we are impossible?!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

kahte hain pyaar ka rishta hai; janam ka rishta..
hai janam ka jo ye rishta toh badalta kyun hai?

yahi hota hai toh aakhir yahi hota kyun hai?
yahi duniya hai toh phir aisi ye duniya kyun hai?

koi ye kaise bataye ki wo tanha kyun hai?
wo jo apna tha wo ab aur kisi ka kyun hai?

aas jo toot gayi..phir se bandhata kyun hai?
yahi hota hai toh aakhir yahi hota kyun hai?

ik zarra hath badha de toh ,pakad ye daaman..
uske seene main samaa jaye hamari dhadkan..
itni kurbat hai toh phir faasla itna kyun hai??

Sunday, May 30, 2010

"its paradoxical that the person on whom you have the most control is yourself..
yet the hardest person to change is yourself.."

Saturday, May 29, 2010

you make me feel beautiful or i am beautiful?
when you love me i feel beautiful.. inside!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Dreamy Reality :)

Ahh! freshhh... dis is what came to my mind when i smelled you last night...still i can..
when you touched my wet face.. i can still feel your finger on my face...wiping off the drops so tenderly.. looking at me so dearly...that you are saying i have been waiting for you..
i ambled over to you.. trying to believe that yea m here... close to you.. felt your warmness..
dim soothing light... soft sound of music.. breezy-brezzy all around... it felt as if whole ambience was infused with 'love'..
dont know when i fell asleep holding your hand.. and when i woke up; i culdnt stop adoring you while you were asleep..your calm face.. incredible!
i wanna hold dis moment forever.....
now m feeling as if i just woke up from a beautiful dream... it was real though dreamy.. perfect and precious! just loved it..loved it sooovery much.. : )

Friday, March 26, 2010

I Love You...

When i met u; i understood the meaning of love...before seeing ur face i started fantasizing about u...ur voice was enough to make me fall in love wid u...n top of that other strong emotions added...when i felt ur warm..tender..loving gives me goosebumps..ur pleasant smell.. its absorbed in me..gaze of ur hazel brown sparkling eyes..ur talks..ur thoughts..ur feelings..ur emotions..ur different moods..ur shyness..ur naughtyness i m in love wid every bit of u..every part of u..since forever..n i have no control over it..seriously!
have never thought about anyone..never felt for anyone..the way i feel for u...what all i want to do is make u smile...coz when u smile by default i m quite selfish! basically i get a kick which keeps me going carefree when u smile..when u sound happy..when u sound excited.. whenever this fear mounts on me that u might go me; its like i culdnt function body, mind, heart.. i lose control over me..i dont know if m able to express my feelings correctly but sumhow m feeling m still not able to express how much scared i m... thought of a life widout u makes me feel like a orphan..who has absolutely noone..who's presense or absense doesn't make any difference to anyone.. i don't want to bound u.. but i want u to know that i can die for u..any moment its required..but i can't live like a normal person widout u.. i have tried ..i have tried my best my all..but i culd me! whenever i tried; i found myself more closer to u... i don't see my existence widout u.. i am not saying that u shuld not love anyone... i am just saying let me love u.. i wont recognize me if u r not in me.. u r a permanent unditachable loving fact of my life...ur love is my true treasure..n i m very possasively selfish abt it..may be i m sounding like a paranoid..i dnt mind tht..i dont wanna live widout it.. let me be wid it..i am charmed...forever..
P.S. I love you..

Sunday, February 14, 2010

B! my Velentine : )

Happy Valentine's Day B : )
whenever we r together its my valentine's day...i dont need to wait for 14th feb to express love for you..but i love to say that I Love You B... so i take dis oppurtunity to say it again I Love You.. I Love You.. I Love You... sosososososososoooooooooooooooooo muchhh n more.... always.. 365 days in a year and all years of my life... and i know dahling u love me too ;p.. when u asked me - be my valentine? i was on cloud 9 .. swear!! m always ur valentine sweetheart..
each moment spent wid u i cherish...thinking of u makes me smile..ur touches makes me feel m b'ful :D.. u have made me feel complete..made my life b' feels like i know u since forever..and forever... u r most precious to me... m proud m ur girlfriend : )
missing you my charmer...wanna hold u tight.. wanna see ur smile right now.. wanna look into ur eyes right now...wanna feel ur touch right now..wanna hear ur smooth voice which turns me on always right now ;p wanna be with u RIGHT NOW : ) i need my love dose abhi ke abhi..
" one thing u can be sure of; i dont need anything more than ur love.."

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Soche Dil Ki Aisa Kash Ho..

Tujhko Ek Nazar Meri Talash ho..

Jaise Khwab Hain Aankhon Main Basse Meri..

Waise Neendon Pe Silvate Pade Teri....

Friday, January 29, 2010


Trapped! between life and death...cant choose any of them..not able to live..not able to die either..god must be happy and laughing ...this is what he put us in such situations n enjoy...makes two people meet coincidently! make them fall in love...put all the bitter ingredients of life to pull them apart..but nurtureing the seed of love in their survived against all when its a whole tree of happy of heartbeat in two suddenly pulls it out n try to plant it sumwhr will cant survive..
this is not life...saying positive lecture on life is so easy..but living such life is not possible..feeling the burn inside..feeling empty..aimless..lifeless..alone..hopeless! what is life? answer is simple - crying inside,smiling outside. meaningless!
life is just a ordeal..extreme opposite to what it used to be when .........
just waiting.. still hoping? y? god know!

Monday, January 25, 2010

B'ful Day!

You were d first one to wish me...and you are d only one for whom i was waiting...after tht it was a sleepless night...culdnt wait for d morning..which is obvious ;p got outta ready to meet was a very new if m going to see you first time..
that b'ful delicate gift just loved it!! i gotta experience metro ride first time tht too wid you..liked ur idea : ) n i enjoyed it thoroughly...sitting in middle of c.p. on a sunny day..just after d solar eclipse was over...nice view.. surrounded with white buildings...running vihicles...people...flying birds..n beating it all; your pleasant! so perfect!
dint know what we wanna talk..what shuld we talk..there was no need to bother..coz togetherness filled all d blanks...saying sumthing dint seem more important thn feeling n believing d precious togetherness..little loving touch of hands..your adoring eyes were saying it all. little outburst of stupid tears...tried to hold 'em in but...
loved you...loved standing so close to you...loved ur gaze..your protecting touch! made me feel important n loved.
you gifted me a beautiful day!
love you B..

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Show Me A Way

we all need love....end of the day everyone wants love...we count our blessings based on how many people genuinely love us...aise to pata nai how many people r thr..friends...few relatives blah-blah...but m talking abt some very special people here...after lot of deep thoughts i felt there r four such people for whom i can actually die...and coz of these four people i cant think of i feel i am lucky in a certain way that i have these gems...but thn i feel bounded too coz whatever i will do that will affect thm also...n i dont want to give thm any pain atleast coz of me my actions...but keeping them happy means i cant do what i want to do wid my life...i dont know what to what i want..or do what they want..if i do what they want; it requires lot of patience n courage, i will be a sad duckling all my life..n if i do what i want ;they will never forgive me...God! please show me a way..

Friday, January 1, 2010

Here u r 2010

sitting on d bed wid lappy on my lap...mum sleeping on my left side...i can hear music from outside courtesy neighbours : ) just wondering how people r so happy n celebrating new year...parties nd celebrations filled d cities...naa!! i dnt have ne problem wid tht...but yeah one gud thing abt dis new year celebration is people get a excuse to out wid dear friends...gud na? wht else u can ask for...hhmmm nice nice!
i have no resolutions but i just make a wish dis year...tht i culd bring a smile on my loved ones face.. n hope tht i culd keep tht smile on... : )
let see wht 2010 brings wid it.. happy new year guys
to be true m scared!
feeling lost n lonely
ciao! gudnite.