Friday, June 26, 2009

'My Hope'

if u carry on d way without "love",

u will find hopeless end.

if u carry on d way with ur "love",

u will find endless hope.......

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


run.... run.... run....

i cant;

no legs,

no strength,

no will,

no hope,

no wish,

no want,

no heart,

no soul,

die... die.... die....

nothing left to kill.

Monday, June 22, 2009

still alive..

i was about to fall ....
but dint;
he managed to hold me right on time...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Show Me Ur Soul..

he is curious (me too : )...he is intriguing...he is different..he is inquisitive like a kid..

he is free like a dove...he is a mystery to me.. though i know a lot..
but !!

i wanna know .. what is it he is looking for? i wanna give him all he wants.. but i dont know..
he has loved me a lot... in all possible ways.. touched my life.. pampered me.. been there..
shared lil things wid me.. but still i wanna know..

sometimes i feel i know it all..
sometimes i feel i know nothing at all.. tht too whn he tells me even things too small.. coz,
i go crazy when i see him taking interest in...
as in ..anyway!
what is it m lacking..i ask myself..
something for sure..
i cant do widout i jus get insecure at times..
fear of losing him.... can't afford it.

in a world that can be so insane
i don't think it's very strange
into my life you were injected
not something that I expected
now I smile from your affection
we have made a soul connection
i am you, you're my best friend
show me your soul
in a world that can be so insane
i don't think it's very strange
yes, I find you so appealing
when you show me how you're feeling
you, my friend, should not be kneeling
open up and start revealing
trust in me my heart is sole
i need to see, show me your
soul ( not my lyrics :P )

m i getting paranoid? may be! ( sounds so?)
but m not complaining.. m jus letting it flow out of my mind..
but still i know a lot ( more thn neone else in his life) .. it matters! m happy abt tht..
actually very happy!