Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Saviour : )

"B" : ) yes dis is what i call him sumtimes ( fondly)
there r other names too i love to call him..but thats b/w us ;p
he is the one who's actually my "saviour"...
i know one thing if he is there i m capable of embracing life
wid its ups & downs.... times of joy & hardships..
i can go through it all widout a scratch on my soul...
he does wonders n he doesn't know about it..when he is around i feel fulfilled...
that is the time when i dont bother about any thing...
i just feel the bliss widin me..
i talk to him about all serious issues as well as all dumb bakwaas...sumtimes its not even bearable..
but he does; definitely has gr8 endurance..; )
his touch is enough to heal away all the pain...his voice is enough to make me smile ; )
awwwh..that sense of fruition!!..
i love his vibes..i connect to it works like a magnet to me...
i love the way he smells..i love the way he tastes...i love the way he sounds..
m crazy the way he gets angry...he says nothing but he says it all :D
i love the kind of attitude he has.. no-no not arrogant ;its sumthing i cant explain..
he gives me strength to live wid grace nd dignity..happiness nd humour..holiness..restores vigour...
deep nd gracious calm that comes when m in his arms..
ohhhh i can go on & on & on.....
talking about him makes me fall in love wid him all over again...
his charm turns me on..he rules my innermost world my soul.
there amid the intense bond which is infinite.. AMEN!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

ऐसा था कभी..

ऐसा था कभी ,
अपने थे सभी ,
सपने, लम्हे , खुशियों का जहाँ ,
रास्ते मे मिली फ़िर तारिखियाँ ,
पलकों को नमी ,
नज़रों को धुआं ,
एक आस बंधी दिल को है यकीन ,
एक रोज़ तो होगी सहर यहाँ ...