Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sleep Ke Side Effects :-(

Just imagine... how it feels when i am waiting whole day for the night to fall... waiting for lights to be off.. waiting for darkness of night to surround me.. NAA not to talk to him over the phone..

now finally lights off..everyone's on bed.. but not asleep yet.. hhmm m waiting n waiting.. that everyone sleeps..time is passing by..tic-toc-tic-toc..

i thought mum is sleeping..n i was getting outta bed shhhhh..slowwwly.. " where are you going?" eeeh!! she is wide awake... uuh... i thought i will pretend for sumtime tht m sleeping..till the time she dsnt sleep...after every few minutes i was trying to look at her if she has slept tight..

hhmmm few minutes more... few minutes more...and finally i fell asleep myself :-( this is the worst tht could happen to me when m so desperate n lost the oppurtunity coz of my stupid sleep.. i woke up suddenly checked my fon... messages nd a missed call.. ohhh i missed it one more time ... d msg was like dis:-
Bored with this boring life
on this boring planet
at this boring time
with this boring girlfriend :p
mummmmmmyyyyy i felt like kicking my ass ..
i tried calling answer...i messaged him if he is awake..but no reply.. he is off to sleep after waiting for me :-( i felt like slapping myself...i was cursing myself can i do this? how can i sleep like a dead donkey? and then whole day again m waiting for night to anticipation to talk to him...whole day i crave for him..

its night when we can talk actually..coz in daytime he is occupied with work n several things..

when its dark...its distraction.. its so intense..tht whole ambience seems perfect...its so gud ...we talk smoothly.... thats y i m so desperate about night... but this is what happens most of the times these days... it was not like this before... now i m so scared of bed at night .. what if i fall asleep again? i dont wanna miss the oppurtunity anymore.. and i hope i will not!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Our Special Day : )

21st Aug 2009

My dear dahling love..
Its been 7 years now. still counting.... thanks for everything! ( ur msg) : )
No matter how many years passes like this...this whole life is not enough to love you as much as i want to..
you have been everything to every way.. words are never enough but i want to speak..
you are my are my dream too..
you are the golden are the rock..
you are my are my elegance..
you are my wild seduction... you are my innocent Love though..
you are my are my tears... salty but sweet..
you are the one for whom m insecure... you are the one with whom i feel secured..
Without you i am a stranger to absorbed in you..
your VOICE...oowwh mere dil main ghantiyaan bajne lagti hain actually..
i wish i could kissss your voice..mmmmpuchhhh..
your seductive hazel eyes + your innocent smile..makes me feel shy inside
your caring touch...your warm embrace..makes me feel important and loved..
the way your lips touches mine...everytime i feel its my first time..( blush *)
you make me feel like a woman when you look at me..
your gaze sizzeles me know?
when you whisper "I LOVE YOU" it gives me goosebumps..
when your heart beats with mine..when we dont know where is you where is me..when we are just 'US'..
when we are one..i wish time stops there forever..i will freeze that moment if i could..
when i am in your arms..negativity is hell scared to touch become the shield..
when you go away...i feel like a child who is searching for his mum in crowd..
ahhh... i told you words are never enough..
i am sooooooooo very thankful to God he gave me YOU..
wanna do lotttt of things wid u..wanna explore life wid u..
wanna have a bunch of kids wid u..
wanna go out for a (so so many) holiday wid u..jus us.
wanna spend my whole life wid u..u r d love..
i have a crazy list..which is never ending..
you are the most SPECIAL ONE..always..

madly urs...

Friday, August 7, 2009

Its Rakhi Again

Rakhi... the festival which celebrates the relationship between brothers n sisters. as we all know.. the festival is marked by d tying of a rakhi ( holy thread) by d sister on d wrist of her brother. was jus remembering "rakshabandhan" in school days... it was so much fun to watch boys hehehe.. they used be so afraid.. no one wanted his crush to tie d thread on his wrist... no one wanted to wipe off that hope :D ( to be her b.f sumday) owwww what a day it used to be.. boys turning face when a pretty gurl approaching wid a rakhi in her hand.. gr8 scene..

but unfortunately there were some IDIOTS too (who misuse it)... rakhi became a convinient way of getting closer to the gurl /boy they liked...she wuld tie d thread n expect a gift from him nd he would have wet dreams at night :-/

strange but true!!

rakhi was one of d most awaited festivals for me as a child coz i used to anticipate gud amount of money and gifts ; ) used to calculate in advance how much i will m gonna spend it...blah..blah..blah... he used to give me smallest possible amount like dassi, panji ( by ne chance if u still remember) or pachhies paise.. what a argument we used to shoot...finally mum used to interfere... and i used to walk away wid stuffed pockets and a big grin :D

basically it was not money which mattered it was that fun which i miss a lot now..


its 3rd consecutive rakhi widout my brother...( he is in Australia) i called him up in d morning but he was at work so culdnt talk for long.. i have sent rakhi for him but m not liking this long distance rakhi style... perhaps distance makes d heart grow fonder but hadddd ho gayi hai ...its been three years now he is away not just on rakhi infact all festivals..occassions... diwali, holi, christmas,new year all festivals widout him...

but sumhow m happy tht he is getting settled in his life wid a nice life partner... he is taking up his responsibilities... making his own life... though we both miss each other a lot but this is called life..