Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sleep Ke Side Effects :-(

Just imagine... how it feels when i am waiting whole day for the night to fall... waiting for lights to be off.. waiting for darkness of night to surround me.. NAA not to talk to him over the phone..

now finally lights off..everyone's on bed.. but not asleep yet.. hhmm m waiting n waiting.. that everyone sleeps..time is passing by..tic-toc-tic-toc..

i thought mum is sleeping..n i was getting outta bed shhhhh..slowwwly.. " where are you going?" eeeh!! she is wide awake... uuh... i thought i will pretend for sumtime tht m sleeping..till the time she dsnt sleep...after every few minutes i was trying to look at her if she has slept tight..

hhmmm few minutes more... few minutes more...and finally i fell asleep myself :-( this is the worst tht could happen to me when m so desperate n lost the oppurtunity coz of my stupid sleep.. i woke up suddenly checked my fon... messages nd a missed call.. ohhh i missed it one more time ... d msg was like dis:-
Bored with this boring life
on this boring planet
at this boring time
with this boring girlfriend :p
mummmmmmyyyyy i felt like kicking my ass ..
i tried calling answer...i messaged him if he is awake..but no reply.. he is off to sleep after waiting for me :-( i felt like slapping myself...i was cursing myself can i do this? how can i sleep like a dead donkey? and then whole day again m waiting for night to anticipation to talk to him...whole day i crave for him..

its night when we can talk actually..coz in daytime he is occupied with work n several things..

when its dark...its distraction.. its so intense..tht whole ambience seems perfect...its so gud ...we talk smoothly.... thats y i m so desperate about night... but this is what happens most of the times these days... it was not like this before... now i m so scared of bed at night .. what if i fall asleep again? i dont wanna miss the oppurtunity anymore.. and i hope i will not!

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