Tuesday, September 8, 2009

'Blue' The Feeling

Feeling Blue!

my mind is all mess... i feel as if i have to say a lot..but when i want to say i am totally 'blank'

when i get outta bed in d morning..i feel to see him....i need him to hold me..

then trying to do my daily work..my duties... listening to songs while driving ..some of them makes me cry..then i switch off the radio... keep thinking while driving..nothing so specific but something which haunts me all the time..

then hopelessly doing some "have to do types" work.. like going to my workshop n all..

getting irritated dont kno why but just getting irritated so easily..

now its evening and i am still hopeful bout something i love..

but nothing happened like that, what i was anticipating..

day is over..

now its night .. all blank..all by myself..all alone..

guilty for my mistakes..sorry for my mistakes..
but just feeling sorry nd saying sorry cant make things right sometimes..

waiting ...

still hopeful ...

nothing happened .. night is over..

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