Wednesday, September 23, 2009


how close i was to u ;now i realize that..
how lucky i was to hold ur hand now i know that..
if u see me sumwhr will u call me?
if we never meet again will u remember me?
why i feel u r mine though i know u cant be?
want to rewind d time n make things alright..
want to feel like that again..
want to freeze that time when we were together..
want to be wid u now n thn..

Monday, September 14, 2009

There's One....

There's one person who is "most special" to you..
There's one person you want to give your everything..
There's one person you wanna live for..
There's one person for whom you wanna die..
There's one person you wanna be with all the time..
There's one person whom you wanna make feel that he is so important for you..
There's one person you wanna absorb all his pain into you..
There's one person you always wanna see him smiling..
There's one person you wanna give all the happiness in dis world..
But... still you are not able to do that... it hurts!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Innocent Times

Wish we could go back in d time when getting high meant on a swing.
When drinking meant apple juice.
When dad was d only hero .
when love was mum’s hug.
When dad’s shoulder was d highest place on Earth.
When your worst enemies were your siblings.
When only thing that could hurt was wounded knees.
When d only things broken were toys.
When friends used you for nothing but borrowing pencils .
When goodbyes meant only till tomorrow.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Blue To Red : )

I can always make u smile.... yes! u can : )

the moment i posted my last post " Blue The Feeling" i got a sms ..

from someone very special...i have been waiting so badly

a moment ago i was burdened with tht blue feeling n next moment i was flying high with a broad smile on my face : )

life is so strange na? full of different emotions.. extreamly different!

what a drastic change it was.. first thought came to my mind was 'thanku God'

my day was as good as it can be.. it was like my fantasy came true..

as if he is saying to me -

may be sumwhr in d silence..

u will wake nd u r alone..

just call out nd i will be there..

yea!! he was there..for me

i was just happy..full of positive energy once again.. charged up.. smiling ; )

i never knew someone will change my life like dis forever..

if u have someone in ur life who can lift u up when u r down..

who can make u smile when tears rolling down..

trust me u r luckiest! God's favourite child..

my world is a better place b'cuz of 'Him.'

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

'Blue' The Feeling

Feeling Blue!

my mind is all mess... i feel as if i have to say a lot..but when i want to say i am totally 'blank'

when i get outta bed in d morning..i feel to see him....i need him to hold me..

then trying to do my daily duties... listening to songs while driving ..some of them makes me cry..then i switch off the radio... keep thinking while driving..nothing so specific but something which haunts me all the time..

then hopelessly doing some "have to do types" work.. like going to my workshop n all..

getting irritated dont kno why but just getting irritated so easily..

now its evening and i am still hopeful bout something i love..

but nothing happened like that, what i was anticipating..

day is over..

now its night .. all blank..all by myself..all alone..

guilty for my mistakes..sorry for my mistakes..
but just feeling sorry nd saying sorry cant make things right sometimes..

waiting ...

still hopeful ...

nothing happened .. night is over..