Friday, March 26, 2010

I Love You...

When i met u; i understood the meaning of love...before seeing ur face i started fantasizing about u...ur voice was enough to make me fall in love wid u...n top of that other strong emotions added...when i felt ur warm..tender..loving gives me goosebumps..ur pleasant smell.. its absorbed in me..gaze of ur hazel brown sparkling eyes..ur talks..ur thoughts..ur feelings..ur emotions..ur different moods..ur shyness..ur naughtyness i m in love wid every bit of u..every part of u..since forever..n i have no control over it..seriously!
have never thought about anyone..never felt for anyone..the way i feel for u...what all i want to do is make u smile...coz when u smile by default i m quite selfish! basically i get a kick which keeps me going carefree when u smile..when u sound happy..when u sound excited.. whenever this fear mounts on me that u might go me; its like i culdnt function body, mind, heart.. i lose control over me..i dont know if m able to express my feelings correctly but sumhow m feeling m still not able to express how much scared i m... thought of a life widout u makes me feel like a orphan..who has absolutely noone..who's presense or absense doesn't make any difference to anyone.. i don't want to bound u.. but i want u to know that i can die for u..any moment its required..but i can't live like a normal person widout u.. i have tried ..i have tried my best my all..but i culd me! whenever i tried; i found myself more closer to u... i don't see my existence widout u.. i am not saying that u shuld not love anyone... i am just saying let me love u.. i wont recognize me if u r not in me.. u r a permanent unditachable loving fact of my life...ur love is my true treasure..n i m very possasively selfish abt it..may be i m sounding like a paranoid..i dnt mind tht..i dont wanna live widout it.. let me be wid it..i am charmed...forever..
P.S. I love you..