Friday, January 29, 2010


Trapped! between life and death...cant choose any of them..not able to live..not able to die either..god must be happy and laughing ...this is what he put us in such situations n enjoy...makes two people meet coincidently! make them fall in love...put all the bitter ingredients of life to pull them apart..but nurtureing the seed of love in their survived against all when its a whole tree of happy of heartbeat in two suddenly pulls it out n try to plant it sumwhr will cant survive..
this is not life...saying positive lecture on life is so easy..but living such life is not possible..feeling the burn inside..feeling empty..aimless..lifeless..alone..hopeless! what is life? answer is simple - crying inside,smiling outside. meaningless!
life is just a ordeal..extreme opposite to what it used to be when .........
just waiting.. still hoping? y? god know!

Monday, January 25, 2010

B'ful Day!

You were d first one to wish me...and you are d only one for whom i was waiting...after tht it was a sleepless night...culdnt wait for d morning..which is obvious ;p got outta ready to meet was a very new if m going to see you first time..
that b'ful delicate gift just loved it!! i gotta experience metro ride first time tht too wid you..liked ur idea : ) n i enjoyed it thoroughly...sitting in middle of c.p. on a sunny day..just after d solar eclipse was over...nice view.. surrounded with white buildings...running vihicles...people...flying birds..n beating it all; your pleasant! so perfect!
dint know what we wanna talk..what shuld we talk..there was no need to bother..coz togetherness filled all d blanks...saying sumthing dint seem more important thn feeling n believing d precious togetherness..little loving touch of hands..your adoring eyes were saying it all. little outburst of stupid tears...tried to hold 'em in but...
loved you...loved standing so close to you...loved ur gaze..your protecting touch! made me feel important n loved.
you gifted me a beautiful day!
love you B..

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Show Me A Way

we all need love....end of the day everyone wants love...we count our blessings based on how many people genuinely love us...aise to pata nai how many people r thr..friends...few relatives blah-blah...but m talking abt some very special people here...after lot of deep thoughts i felt there r four such people for whom i can actually die...and coz of these four people i cant think of i feel i am lucky in a certain way that i have these gems...but thn i feel bounded too coz whatever i will do that will affect thm also...n i dont want to give thm any pain atleast coz of me my actions...but keeping them happy means i cant do what i want to do wid my life...i dont know what to what i want..or do what they want..if i do what they want; it requires lot of patience n courage, i will be a sad duckling all my life..n if i do what i want ;they will never forgive me...God! please show me a way..

Friday, January 1, 2010

Here u r 2010

sitting on d bed wid lappy on my lap...mum sleeping on my left side...i can hear music from outside courtesy neighbours : ) just wondering how people r so happy n celebrating new year...parties nd celebrations filled d cities...naa!! i dnt have ne problem wid tht...but yeah one gud thing abt dis new year celebration is people get a excuse to out wid dear friends...gud na? wht else u can ask for...hhmmm nice nice!
i have no resolutions but i just make a wish dis year...tht i culd bring a smile on my loved ones face.. n hope tht i culd keep tht smile on... : )
let see wht 2010 brings wid it.. happy new year guys
to be true m scared!
feeling lost n lonely
ciao! gudnite.