Friday, January 1, 2010

Here u r 2010

sitting on d bed wid lappy on my lap...mum sleeping on my left side...i can hear music from outside courtesy neighbours : ) just wondering how people r so happy n celebrating new year...parties nd celebrations filled d cities...naa!! i dnt have ne problem wid tht...but yeah one gud thing abt dis new year celebration is people get a excuse to out wid dear friends...gud na? wht else u can ask for...hhmmm nice nice!
i have no resolutions but i just make a wish dis year...tht i culd bring a smile on my loved ones face.. n hope tht i culd keep tht smile on... : )
let see wht 2010 brings wid it.. happy new year guys
to be true m scared!
feeling lost n lonely
ciao! gudnite.


  1. that was a daringly sweet post! all u want is to bring and maintain a smile on a loved ones face? wow.

  2. Graet thought there, and well said too! Happy new year!

  3. @kulpreet:
    thnx n happy nu yr to u too.