Monday, January 25, 2010

B'ful Day!

You were d first one to wish me...and you are d only one for whom i was waiting...after tht it was a sleepless night...culdnt wait for d morning..which is obvious ;p got outta ready to meet was a very new if m going to see you first time..
that b'ful delicate gift just loved it!! i gotta experience metro ride first time tht too wid you..liked ur idea : ) n i enjoyed it thoroughly...sitting in middle of c.p. on a sunny day..just after d solar eclipse was over...nice view.. surrounded with white buildings...running vihicles...people...flying birds..n beating it all; your pleasant! so perfect!
dint know what we wanna talk..what shuld we talk..there was no need to bother..coz togetherness filled all d blanks...saying sumthing dint seem more important thn feeling n believing d precious togetherness..little loving touch of hands..your adoring eyes were saying it all. little outburst of stupid tears...tried to hold 'em in but...
loved you...loved standing so close to you...loved ur gaze..your protecting touch! made me feel important n loved.
you gifted me a beautiful day!
love you B..


  1. ah everyone is fallin in love...thats so cute :)

  2. aint metro overly crowded? public transport on such special day? he doesn't have a job, car? whats the gift al about?

  3. @ Anonymous:
    i thank overly crowded metro coz of dat i got to stand really close to him ;p which made d day actually wsnt psbl in a car :D
    nd his affection reflects in tht gift :) its precious to me.

  4. @ Mayz:
    love makes everything look gives everyone a positive sight.