Friday, January 29, 2010


Trapped! between life and death...cant choose any of them..not able to live..not able to die either..god must be happy and laughing ...this is what he put us in such situations n enjoy...makes two people meet coincidently! make them fall in love...put all the bitter ingredients of life to pull them apart..but nurtureing the seed of love in their survived against all when its a whole tree of happy of heartbeat in two suddenly pulls it out n try to plant it sumwhr will cant survive..
this is not life...saying positive lecture on life is so easy..but living such life is not possible..feeling the burn inside..feeling empty..aimless..lifeless..alone..hopeless! what is life? answer is simple - crying inside,smiling outside. meaningless!
life is just a ordeal..extreme opposite to what it used to be when .........
just waiting.. still hoping? y? god know!


  1. hoping against hope is being human.
    so congrats u r human.

    and don ask god. if u dont know, neither does he.

  2. @ Raj
    no more questions n no more expectations from god!