Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Show Me A Way

we all need love....end of the day everyone wants love...we count our blessings based on how many people genuinely love us...aise to pata nai how many people r thr..friends...few relatives blah-blah...but m talking abt some very special people here...after lot of deep thoughts i felt there r four such people for whom i can actually die...and coz of these four people i cant think of i feel i am lucky in a certain way that i have these gems...but thn i feel bounded too coz whatever i will do that will affect thm also...n i dont want to give thm any pain atleast coz of me my actions...but keeping them happy means i cant do what i want to do wid my life...i dont know what to what i want..or do what they want..if i do what they want; it requires lot of patience n courage, i will be a sad duckling all my life..n if i do what i want ;they will never forgive me...God! please show me a way..


  1. girl, you are highly oversensitive. trust me it hurts at times. get a little more relaxed.
    and sometimes you have to make sacrifices for FAMILY. but the thing is they wont make you make a mistake. u just have to belive in them. do what they want and have fun doing it. once you start it, it gets easier. serious.

  2. thats a tough call..but dont u worry!
    people who matter wont mind and people who mind shouldn't matter.
    those who love you will understand you someday or the other like u would understand them...

  3. i totally second pri on this one...

    if they matter so much n love u so much then they wud understand everythin u do or wanna do

  4. @ Raj,Pri n Mayz
    wish dis is d way it was. i knw it sounds hopeless!