Friday, April 2, 2010

Dreamy Reality :)

Ahh! freshhh... dis is what came to my mind when i smelled you last night...still i can..
when you touched my wet face.. i can still feel your finger on my face...wiping off the drops so tenderly.. looking at me so dearly...that you are saying i have been waiting for you..
i ambled over to you.. trying to believe that yea m here... close to you.. felt your warmness..
dim soothing light... soft sound of music.. breezy-brezzy all around... it felt as if whole ambience was infused with 'love'..
dont know when i fell asleep holding your hand.. and when i woke up; i culdnt stop adoring you while you were asleep..your calm face.. incredible!
i wanna hold dis moment forever.....
now m feeling as if i just woke up from a beautiful dream... it was real though dreamy.. perfect and precious! just loved it..loved it sooovery much.. : )