Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Yesterday morning only i said that nothing makes me excited..m afraid.. but still one thing..
and thats YOU..
when i come to meet you i feel d rush..
nothing makes me as excited as meeting you..
and when i got a oppurtunity to meet in d evening itself..i not only missed that oppurtunity..buttt.. i majorly disappointed you by missing your call and kept you waiting..
oblivious of d fact that you have called me..and waiting for me to return d call..
and i kept thinking you were busy..dint get free..
now after knowing d reality that what an ass i am.. i dont know what to do wid myself..
i swear!! i am going beserk
i am just so annoyed wid myself..
i know its not easy to trust what has happened..
not easy to believe that i was actually unaware about your call :(
i wish i was not on fon that time.. i wish i would have checked d call register timely..
i wont repeat dis mistake..i swear!
trust me i really dint know..
i am SORRY and very angry wid myself..
i am all yours.. punish me.. please!
m feeling sick!
sick! coz of my own.. coz how i made you feel.. coz i disappointed you..

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Decades Ago..

Standing tall and firm..against all odds..this is what i love the most about heritage..
long-long time..good/bad weather conditions..government's negligence..our carelessness..
nothing could ruin its beauty.. its still there since ages.. as b'ful as always..
i think its, its stability what i like.. how many seasons it has seen.. how many changes it has seen..
how many generations it has witnessed closely.. but its as it is..
when i look at it..i feel as if it wants to tell me its stories.. wants to unfold many truths..

Monday, July 12, 2010

You just made me feel (again)...that m in love.. as if first time!
how do you do this?
its crazy..m restless.. wanna see you right now.. wanna pamper you like a baby..
its strange..
its beautiful..
its weired..
its incredible..
its just sumthing.. like butterflies in my tummy..
i don't know what to do..
you are impossible?
or i am impossible?
or we are impossible?