Wednesday, September 23, 2009


how close i was to u ;now i realize that..
how lucky i was to hold ur hand now i know that..
if u see me sumwhr will u call me?
if we never meet again will u remember me?
why i feel u r mine though i know u cant be?
want to rewind d time n make things alright..
want to feel like that again..
want to freeze that time when we were together..
want to be wid u now n thn..


  1. move on. you aint got time to spend a life in wait for someone who is never coming back.
    that was very well expressed thou.

  2. @ Scarlet -
    if i lose dis hope i will lose everything.

  3. its not about losing hope. its about knowing that there will be someone else. :)
    someone who will know how important you are. and someone who will hold you tight, someone who will bring the light. am i right??? :P

  4. @ Scarlet -
    u dint get me..
    wht u r saying is right but dsnt make sense to me..coz; thrz noone like him.