Friday, August 21, 2009

Our Special Day : )

21st Aug 2009

My dear dahling love..
Its been 7 years now. still counting.... thanks for everything! ( ur msg) : )
No matter how many years passes like this...this whole life is not enough to love you as much as i want to..
you have been everything to every way.. words are never enough but i want to speak..
you are my are my dream too..
you are the golden are the rock..
you are my are my elegance..
you are my wild seduction... you are my innocent Love though..
you are my are my tears... salty but sweet..
you are the one for whom m insecure... you are the one with whom i feel secured..
Without you i am a stranger to absorbed in you..
your VOICE...oowwh mere dil main ghantiyaan bajne lagti hain actually..
i wish i could kissss your voice..mmmmpuchhhh..
your seductive hazel eyes + your innocent smile..makes me feel shy inside
your caring touch...your warm embrace..makes me feel important and loved..
the way your lips touches mine...everytime i feel its my first time..( blush *)
you make me feel like a woman when you look at me..
your gaze sizzeles me know?
when you whisper "I LOVE YOU" it gives me goosebumps..
when your heart beats with mine..when we dont know where is you where is me..when we are just 'US'..
when we are one..i wish time stops there forever..i will freeze that moment if i could..
when i am in your arms..negativity is hell scared to touch become the shield..
when you go away...i feel like a child who is searching for his mum in crowd..
ahhh... i told you words are never enough..
i am sooooooooo very thankful to God he gave me YOU..
wanna do lotttt of things wid u..wanna explore life wid u..
wanna have a bunch of kids wid u..
wanna go out for a (so so many) holiday wid u..jus us.
wanna spend my whole life wid u..u r d love..
i have a crazy list..which is never ending..
you are the most SPECIAL ONE..always..

madly urs...

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