Monday, November 15, 2010 was real :)

wish d time machines from science fiction movies were real..
but it happens only in movies.. 'time' is strongest of all...
actually strange..
when we want it to stop it runs.. when we want it to run it stops..
how stupid! strong but stupid..
whatever i say nothing can change its pace..
last couple of months passed too quickly..
as if they were not months..they were seconds.. micro secs!
bcoz it was too good to believe..
i enjoyed all your attention.. all importance you gave me..
quick replies to my msgs.. taking all my calls..
meeting me frequently.. whnever i asked..
loving me.. talking to me.. looking into my eyes.. touching me..
sharing lunch with me..watching movie.. doing nothing.. everything!
you have touched my soul.. kissed it..
i can still feel your touches..
i can still see love-bytes you left..
your charm is eternal.. m lost in it..
m not sad... m happy it was real :)
it will remain with me..till my last breath!

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