Wednesday, September 8, 2010

pinch me! :)

pinch me!
is it REAL?
always expect unexpected..true..true..true..
you are right.. whatever happens..its for good.. (mostly)
everything is just so perrrrfect..just perrrfect.. TOUCH WOOD! :)
its like a fairy tale..i am living my dream.. i am seeing it, still yet to believe it..
i respect and love you even more...and yes..i trust you :)
everything seems sooooo lovable..
m full of positivity...i can't stop smiling :) its coz of you..
i want to paint the town red..i want to fly...
" dil kerta hai..tu hai yahan to..jata lamha tham jaye..
waqt ka dariya bahte-bahte is manzer main jam jaye.."
God if you r listening i want to "thank" you for all this goodness..

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