Sunday, August 15, 2010

live it up..

ever wondered what makes us love someone?
sometimes we don't need reasons to love..we just want to love.. no matter matter how..
dis craving to love him is taking over me..all on my mind is him..
i think love is d most simple thing and at d same time most complicated..
if we try and tie it in our own defination..some point of time it goes wrong n makes us think all over again "what is it?" but now i think it doesnt need a defination..
let it flow d way it want..let it take turns..let it twist..let it be free..let it fly..if its don't have to fear.. it will remain yours..but if its not do won't be yours..
just love..that are lucky if you have that person with you this moment..
tomorrow is uncertain..this moment is real....dont let it it up..feel the goodness..


  1. I had a long talk about this with someone a few hrs back...I was on the other side of the argument...and now this...

    makes me think

  2. @ Mayz :
    thinking only results in confusion.. go wid d dis moment.. dis is all i culd understand now..