Wednesday, May 20, 2009


thinking....thinking....and? thinking.........

thoughts come and go...some of' them we forget.. and some makes us forget everything else.

I am beginning to realize why parents find it tough to adjust to their ‘kids’ becoming thinking adults. the more I see the kids around me becoming men and women, the more it’s… sort of making me unsure of things.

now all of us, to some degree or the other, are gone. there are those who are not screwed up at all (if any), congratulations!! you may leave the blog right now ( hehehehe... as if i have any or so many readers.... stilll.. ) anyways! Sooner or later, most of us realize that too. now some of us might be interested in undoing some of the damage. but the big question is: what if beyond a point, the screwed-up-ness cannot be undone?

what if there is that critical point/moment where you realize you are gone and do something about it?

and WHAT if, that Point is already lost… way back sometime? what if, by the time, we grow up, we are already gone, that adulthood is simply spent caught fighting webs created well beyond our time of control ?

and to think that a lot of parents do things for the "benefit" of the child. yeah parents do their best always but according to their own correct way. but they r also human beings after all..they cant know OR understand their child's mind 'totally' always; or say, grown up's ; ) mind their choices, their priorities,their dreams,their............... T & T ( this n that)

hmmm...quiet complicated? i agree wid u.. but dis is wot it is/thats the way it is..

life is a reality but we cant stop dreaming.... dreaming of ? something or everything; dreaming of undoing the damage... dreaming of correcting mistakes we made..or dreaming wish i haven't done this... i dream too.. i wish if i...... ........ ....... ......... so many dash :D ha!ha! life would have been better. for sure. wondering!

heres sumthing i heared /liked /n wanna share>>

alice came to a fork in the road.

which road do I take? she asked.

where do you want to go? responded the cat.

i don't know, alice answered.

then, said the cat, it doesn't matter.
( got such a deep meaning. no? )

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