Sunday, May 17, 2009

Makes me feel like a "Princess"

Love rules the world!
its a mysterious feeling leaves us amazed.
when he said these words to me; i couldn't stop wondering :-
# i wanted to say u from all my true heart that u r the best thing ever happened to me. i love being wid u. i feel proud!

# u r the only thing m proud of having. what u have done for me is something i can do for no one.

# when m with u, i feel like being on top of the world. blessed ...confident ... important... needed... thanks for everything... ******

# knowing someone must be waiting for me is a pleasure.
knowing someone must be expecting my message is my pride.
knowing that someone is no other than u - its my treasure.
( after reading dis sms my smile : ) touched my eyes)

# locked in my heart >> let me spend untill i can afford. tomorrow is so uncertain. you are the purest thing happen to me after my family. financially i have always been tight n m so kanjoos when its with u. i wanna treat u like a 'Princess' but thats just a dream. but we will go for dinner at a 5 star***** someday thats a promise!
{ you already made me feel like a PRINCESS : ) }

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