Tuesday, May 26, 2009

1st Ride On 2nd Date!

I respect him..more than anyone...dont know if he is aware about it or not..but i want him to know that how much i respect him..

reason to start blogging was > that i wanted to write our story...as true as life..as pure as sunshine...as innocent as a new born baby.

he is a very different person...in so many ways..yeah he is. not because i love him HE IS actually different.

i have been writing about T&T ( this n that) in my blog ..i have been writing randomly.. every time i wanted to write about us..i felt i m not that good at writing..i might not do justice to its purity. but its only he 'n' me who can describe it the best..not any professional.

This is our 2nd meeting...

10th of dec.2002, ansal plaza,khel gaon marg,new delhi.

he had a exam and after that we decided to meet there. i got ready quickly told mum that i m going for tuition...she never saw me like this before( she is jus going for tuition? or sumthing else?)..my 'lit' up eyes...my smile which i was not able to hide..just before stepping out i ran to the mirror again to have a look if m looking okkkk enough to meet him.. ( yeah! m ready to gooo..)

i went to the auto stand..there was no auto...no bus..no public transport? than i came to know today is transport strike : ( i dint want to get late..what do i do now? i cant ask my brother to drop me there.. how do i tell him that i will be late coz of this stupid transport strike...( we dint have mobile phones that time..) i saw a crowded R.T.V mini bus..i just got into that..n reached moolchand..now from there i ran..ran..ran...till ansal plaza...i was sweating in mid december ..

he was waiting for me outside MAC wondering if i m coming or not? ahh! here he is..waiting since long...my heart beat was dhuk-dhuk-dhuk-dhuk..so fast..whn i saw him..sweetheart!..truly..

we sat inside had burger n coke..his friends were also there on the different table...he was a bit conscious coz of them...i culdn't tell u guys..how was i feeling...so shy..so happy...and yes conscious too :p ..he was just smiling sweetly oblivious of the fact how much m crazy for him..

we chatted like innocent teeny boppers newly in love : ) excited n charged up to conquer the world...we roamed here n there...talking..blushing...

it was time to go...as it was a transport strike i culdn't go on my own...he gave me a lift..na-na my home was not on his way...he had to go opposite side to drop me...and he was not well aware of those roads...it was a different route for him..still he dropped me on his scooter...i wanted to hug him tight but...i was still shy to do that..we stopped at pushp vihar red signal i got down..looking at him...he whispered 'i love you' ohhh!!! dint want to go away from him..but have to....to meet him again...cant find any sleep anymore... " when u r in love; u cant sleep coz, reality is better thn ur dreams." thinking about him all night...wondering if he is also thinking about me! if yes than wot is it?
memories! so beautiful... always freshhh as dew drops.. even while writing about them i am tickled again...feeling 16 again..( hehehe..jus feeling 16 not looking 16 nemore..)

someone has said...we r given: two hands to hold,two legs to walk,two eyes to see,two ears to listen. but why only one heart? because the other was given to someone else. for us to find. and i have found, and lost mine....( lucky me! )

yess my heart is not there ...its with him now....forever....... : )

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