Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bond That Bounds

Family! what is it which makes us love our family no matter what? what is it which holds us together? do we actually know the people whom we call our family ? is it just 'blood relation' which is so powerful that makes us love our family ( if at all).

Why we live with our family? is it just because we love them OR that's what we are supposed to do? if we love our family why brothers fight over property? why are sisters jealous of each other? everyone has a different reason ; or may be compulsion to live with family. will they really stand by you?

In animal world, there are no hard feelings when children go on their own path to make their own life. but in human world its not like that. parents get hurt if children decides to live their own life on their own terms. parents look after children and then children look after parents: is it natural? or we are forcing it?
If it should be okay for parents to "let go" of their children once they grow - and not interfere with their lives and not expect anything in return- is it also fair to assume that the parents then should live their own lives and perhaps cut us off the inheritance?
If we observe truly happy families; you will notice that in these families , people have some value to give each other. they dont talk in terms of sacrifice at all. they understand what needs to be done to keep their loved ones happy. loving someone because of blood relation is not simply enough. its 'understanding' each other which counts the most. all families have different levels of understanding thats why all families are different in dealing with their children and children dealing with their parents.

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