Monday, May 25, 2009

m smiling : )

lalalalalaaaaaaaa heyheyheyyyyyyyy....


i wanna sing.........

i wanna dance... dhik-chik-dhik-chik....

why? just like that ; )

someone's smile can make u smile : ) can make u dance..can make u sing too! lalalalalaaaaaa

heeehhehehehehehehe... u know i was missing him since so many days..i met him today.. n just feeling SO good.. wanted to hug him tight n close but culdn't do that coz it was a public place ;-/

he is the one who really keeps me going... wait wait..let me just share sumthing ..i wrote to him..

i know its not tht gr8 so what?

u r my fuel to keep me going..

ur friendship is my strength..

whn u r happy i blossom from inside..

whn u r there life seems bright..

its actually so true..ammm i wish i culd be wid him always... nothing like being wid him..his presense is so charming..mmm i just love him ya...

( and yes..that pic is not mine m not tht photogenic..hehehe..)

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