Saturday, May 16, 2009

No Identity! No Problem?

Scared of being what you actually are?

Is it the main reason why people stick to anonymity on the internet?

Does anonymity gives access to people's innermost thoughts? which they might not reveal if they knew who i was? How do you know how people will react to what you say? Or you dont care how they will react or think of you as long as they dont know your identity?

Is it a preasumption that anonymity is what works with people on the internet?

Still dont know : (

if anonymity was really that big; social networking wouldn't be making such a BANG in global and indian cyberspace. Isn't it?

Internet opens plethora of possibilities >>> meet, mate, chat, catch up, show off, dating.. are among the most popular reasons why people like cyberspace. Addiction could be any and many like: gaming sites, social networking, dating sites, chatting, horoscope sites, business related sites, puzzal sites etc. etc. and biggest of them all >>> writing your thoughts and having people read and react ; )

"Its about drawing your own limits." Spending all your time on the NET on the cost of everything else is bad. "The moment you compromise on your day-to-day social life you know you are over doing it."

Coming back to the anonymity>> I still wonder how important it is? Should we bother " what will the world think of me" anymore. Its amazing to put forth your point and have many more responding to that point. Its interesting to see so many varied opinions people have. IT ALLOWS YOU, IF NEEDED, TO CHANGE YOUR THOUGHT PROCESS.
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