Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Sitting alone n wondering...
what is it m looking for?
why m so restless?
why my eyes r getting wet again n again...
is it you (?) who?
you are my body
you are my existence
cannot tolerate this separation
cannot find any sleep
cannot go through the night like this
my forehead needs ur pampered kiss
ur eyes looking into mine
you r holding me tight
now everything seems alright : )
this heart is crazy.... crazy n mad...
its just being itself its not tht bad
dont know what is its limit... limit of? anything!
being so poetic? ha! ha! ( though my lines r not rhyming ) but thts not necessary to be a poet.. (my idea :-/ ) no? its just about revealing ur emotions in ur own way..letting it go..let it flow..
just discovered my new TALENT ; ) wooooohoooo..

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