Thursday, May 14, 2009

"Guest is God" really?

"Guest is GOD "

Last week only i saw two cases of EVE TEASING and that too foreigners..

1# this white girl along with her two friends was buying chips-chocs etc..a bunch of guys were checking her out head to toe...actually they seem to strip her from their eyes. after cracking a few dirty jokes about her they asked her if she wants some juice obviously in a dirty manner...they were sipping sugarcane juice at a nearby juice corner..she smiled n refused politely.. here they go>> they started teasing her even more in tooti-footi english..she just left quickly with her two friends.

2# this chinese chic was buying veggies with her friend and this sabziwala giving her weired look and said something which she definitely dint like...i dont know what exactly he said b'coz i was watching it while waiting for a green signal to move my car..all other sick people around also started laughing at her..she just left without buying vegetables with a upset look on her face.

How good it feels when you are in a different country and people are nice to is SUCH a relief, a huge-huge relief to just walk around the roads of an unknown city without anyone whistling, without eyes boring into your back, your b***, your whatever * , without walking through a throng of people crossing red lights wondering if someone is going to grab your a**. You don’t know the city, You don’t know streets and yet You feel very comfortable just walking around, sitting outside cafeterias with a coffee and watching as the city wakes up. It is such a relief that even when a man looks at you or checks you out, he does not threaten. Of course there are some jackasses, but unlike India (or the Indian subcontinent) where we seem to produce them in masses, not everyone is a jackass.

Perhaps some will give the argument that since boys and girls here grow up watching each other on beaches and wearing short skirts or cleavage showing outfits, they are more used to such stuff and therefore they don’t stare. (Between, the sari shows much more than jeans and a tee shirt does ) But you know what, in Dubai, MOST women wear a burqa and yet men DO NOT stare at tourists.

IF burqa woman and babes in shorts n heels can coexist in a country WITHOUT men molesting women on New Year’s and without staring or eve teasing, I say WE need to do something. What are we doing wrong that makes generations of men in India into such personal space invading, staring monsters?

Why its so difficult for delhi to pick up from truly international , truly multicultural cities? m not talking about adopting their culture and dropping ours..but people can be good to tourists.. they can respect their culture or their way of living.

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