Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Do U Knw D Secret Yet??

Generally i dont have ne particular reason to tell why i read this book? i actually connected wid dis book.

sumtime back i read dis book called "The Secret" from Rhonda Byrne.. When I started reading it i really dint have ne idea tht its gonna leave a impact on me... seriously!

but.. as i was turning the pages gradually i started feeling better about life.. slowly i was looking at things positively : ) may be for some time but i felt better n hopeful..

i was restless and emotionally drained ( for sum reason) .. but thn i remembered about The Secret..

" To acquire love .. fill yourself up with it until u become a magnet."

think what you want..think it is happening already what u want...

"create ur day in advance by thinking d way u want it to go,and u will create ur life intentionally." it sounds so easy na? its not tht easy.. cuz fear grips u.. n u start telling urself >> wot if it doesn't happen like dis? now u r attracting to urself what u dont want to happen.. hmm being positive is not tht easy dude! but dont give up..go on.. think what u want..it will come to u soon..very soon. .. my faith got stronger whn it actually happened wht i was waiting for..

yess i was brimming wid joy!!

The Secret claims tht we can have,do or be anything we want. how? by using our force>> force of our thoughts.. ur power is ur thoughts, so stay aware.

this book reminds me of one of my favourite books >> The Alchemist.
I just marvelled at d simplicity of the story. the way it is told is amazing.
" life is really generous to those who pursue their destiny." never stop dreaming but dont forget to wake up n make them come true..see them come true..

if u focus completely on what u want, u will definitely get it.. this book can transform ur thought process totally. there's nothing so unique in dis book.. we all have heared these things sumwhr from sumone... but what matters here is >> how beautifully its described.

it might get you d change u r looking for. its a self-confidence booster i feel.

think good about urself..love urself..respect urself...pamper urself : ) and thn see how people do the same to you.

is it true? may be it is! wots d harm in trying? atleast give it try guys. go on..

i personally believe that its possible thats y i gifted this book to someone special ;-*

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