Monday, April 27, 2009

Dear Tea

Dear tea,

have i ever told u how much i love u?

what u mean to me?

u have been there wid me always when i needed u.

when i m down u give me a high.

when its raining n i m missing him..u were there wid me.

when i dint eat for few days..u were there to make me feel better.

most of my fights wid my brother ..were coz of u..

we used to fight for u.

ur aroma is unforgettable.
i love to have you when i m listening to songs..n feeling senti : (

when i m lonely...all by myself.

when i reach home..first thing i ask for is YOU.

when i m tired of crying i wash my face n grab a cup of u.

when its cold morning of winter i sip u in my bed.

u taste best in d morning. my first cup of start my day.

always faithful to u

me ; )

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