Saturday, March 21, 2009

Law Of True Love

law of true love: you shall love unconditionally; when the biggest condition is your having no condition(s). you will love but not expect >>> LOVE, affection, acknowledgement of your being there, accidental rub of hands or whatever, appreciation, eye contact full of intimacy, erotic touches n talks, discussions on everything or anything...n so on...

But...!! what if you have it all? and still you cant expect it even when you are actually having it? now thats a difficult one.. thats what i am going through.. he has loved me so much in all ways... has given me ultimate pleasure no one can give... spoken his heart out to me, no matter whatever it is.. family, business, flings, feelings, desires, love, sacc ^ everything... but even though i am in a state that i cant ask for it.. ( craving n starving for it..)

no one's fault actually... this is the way it is...

is it possible to love "unconditionally" anyway? God knows!!

coz we know we should not expect but we expect.. and when we dont get it ..we get hurt.. we sulk.. but our innermost soul was always well aware about it.. it knocked up again n again.. but "love is not only blind.. its deaf also ;-* "

thats the spice of life.. if we get everything we want who will call it life??

there's a popular saying >>> " Never love someone who becomes a priority for you when you are just a choice for them. " well my case is not related to this saying..

but we dont choose to fall in love.. if we choose its not love.. love just happens itself.. well now dont get confused between love, infatuation and attraction its all different..

Love hurts .. if its certain..why cant we stop to love? we just cant..

move on.. where? how? and why?

boy! who loved me..touched me..been with me all those years...i spent nights talking to him over the phone doing strange n exciting things .. felt him..his arm around my waist.. his gentle hug.. a squeez.. consider himself lucky that i am with me me firmly.. his teeth on my tounge.. when he hides his possasiveness.. when he whispers that he loves me.. when he first time kissed me.. spent his pocket money on me... borrowed his friend's bike to take me for a joy ride...waited for me everytime... when we did first time...n then dont know how many times...whom i thought of all the time...whom i think of all the time...who has been honest to me..whatever it can i forget it all n move on? i wanna live with it...i wanna cherish it..relish it .. all my life.. no matter what.

i wanna crawl to him as if i am a baby.. meant to love..

but then >>> remember the law of true love??

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