Friday, March 13, 2009

a long way to go..

blogging... its about self-expression.. so m just gonna write whatever i feel n realize... as a woman.. in today's so called modern world.. modern society..

INDIA.. as long as i know its a democratic country.. just to say.. actually its not..( in so many ways) "sad but true."

whats happening all around us ..with us different states ..different excuses..since forever... we are all well aware about it.. why go back to d old times? lets look at d current time.. as a woman can we take our personal freedom for granted? just like men? its a dream..far from reality.. situation is worse in villages..but in metro cities also its not great either..

what happened in manglore pub we all know it..its a shame!!

people who are responsible for dis..are well connected enough to escape the law.. today its about going to a pub n tomorrow it can be about wearing western outfits..n then about laughing..dancing n so on.. on the name of indian tradition they are doing it.. but do they know the indian tradition that well?? atleast i dont think so..

if i am roaming around with my boyfriend.. which i love to..i see people bothering about us more than themselves.. whats wrong wid them? why cant they mind their own business?

we are advised to carry pepper spray..learn karate.. but why should we be in a situation like dis at all? why cant we walk late night in d streets?? as long as i am not breaking any law.. people who are actually breaking d law are walking free n proud as if they deserve a medal for there bravery..

what a democracy !

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