Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Nothing Can Beat A First Date ; )

date: 18-11-02

venue: odeon, c.p

what should i wear? which colour will look good on me? this one? no-no this one... finally i picked up black ( known as fool proof ) i think its perfect....hmmm m ready to gooooooo... exxxxxcited??obviously!

damn! auto-auto... yaar in sabko wahan jane main problem kya hai? ek hi answer... bohot duuuuuurrr hai madam... finally i got into a auto.. he was driving okay but it was very slow for me...i think m gonna be late for first 'date' of my entire life...n look at me i am terribely late... but finally i reached late hi sahi..~~ wow!! here he is wwooww...

i saw his first glimpse ; ) cuuuuuuutie.... very close to my imagination... green jacket...sweet smile on his love...coming towards me... he was sure its me..

he told me he saw my hands first....nnnnn...he liked 'em :-*

he really waited long for me... ( ye to shuruaat hai) hehehe.. "jeena sirf mere liye" our first movie.. show shuru hone main abhi time hai..lets just roam around..we were talking n blushing at d same time..we were both bachhas yaar.. suddenly he asked me to call his name..he just wanted to reassure i am d same gurl he speaks to.. i called his name~ ***** n he was smiling .. so sweet!! i was still trying to believe i am actually meeting him... we got gifts for each other..we exchanged 'em..lovely! i love most precious ones..

everytime i looked at him he was looking at me wid a smile...i was too nervous n excited at d same time.. dont know what he is thinking of me...he liked me?..say sumthing na.. hmmm movie is over... we r just chilling n roaming on d roads.. nice sunny day.. it was going smooth n suddenly we were surrounded with hijras ...damn!! they just started...wahh! kya jodi..tumahri jodi bane rahe...n so on....i was scared..he just handled d situation somehow.. wot a relief. being a boy he ought to do that..hahahaha.. i just took advantedge ;-* i was a bit scared of my big brother as it was possible that he sees me there with him..he is not cool about it : ( specially if its me.. but nothing happened like dat.. i was happy.

it was a blush-blush meeting..for both of us..

kaise samjhaon tumhe...

mera pahla pahla pyaar hai ye..

i went back home with a smiling face..tickling heart.. too many questions in my mind.. what he thinks about me? he likes me? list goes on n on..

i was desperate to reach home just dying to speak to him.. what will he say? hmm its his call i know... yesssssss he liked me... he said nice things about me : ) n i was just too relaxed n happy to know that.. somebody's views about me dint matter so much before.. but now it does.. dis is a different world now.. i told him how much i liked him how close he was to my imagination.. how much i am absorbed in his thoughts day n night..he has become my GUY.. life is beautiful..

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