Saturday, September 10, 2011

Life as a chameleon..

awwwwh! its just too uncertain...
changing colours now n then.. like a chameleon! quick!
sometimes before you blink..
pleasant! sad! joy! hurt! happy! frown! excitement! dullness! relaxed! feared!
goes on.........
life is a never ending exam.. keeps you on ur toes all the time... not a cakewalk for sure..
all of us die...but not all of us really lives...

but noone to blame! absolutely noone!
its only you who can make your life happy or sad by your own choices..
if you dont have a choice to are just told to follow... than fight! or suffer!
now you have choices!
if you follow without ur will; you are a coward!
if you fight; you are a star!

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